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ReGet UI ReGet is a Download Manager. If you ever download something from the Internet, you can do it better with ReGet. If you have a fast connection, ReGet will take advantage of it and retrieve files faster. If you have problems downloading files, ReGet will make sure your download is successful. You can also fetch whole servers with ReGet. The more you download, the more you will find ReGet useful! Unlike regular browsers and other download managers, ReGet provides all the information about all downloads (status, progress bar, error messages) in a single window, providing consistent user interface. Moreover, unlike other programs ReGet's interface is reproduced in MANY different languages so you may receive all the information in your native language. And, best of all, ReGet is FREE!

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New in ReGet 1.8

  • Advanced integration system that lets work with all types of links, including forms and redirection scripts.
  • Integration with Opera, NetCaptor, NeoPlanet, MSN Explorer.
  • Browser traffic detection (this feature lets ReGet to automatically change traffic priority depending on the browser activity) - for IE-based browsers only.
  • Clipboard monitoring even when ReGet is not running.
  • NT challenge/response(NTLM) proxy authentication support.
  • Downloading from online file storages (like,, etc).
  • ReGet supports file download (retrieval) from both FTP (file transfer) and HTTP (web) servers.
  • ReGet makes sure you will download the file you want! If the server you are downloading the file from is busy or not responding, ReGet will keep retrying to download the file until it is completed.
  • ReGet resumes broken downloads from where they left off from both HTTP and FTP servers. It saves your time as you wouldn't have to download again what you already have on your hard-drive!
  • Your time is saved twice -- ReGet not only restarts the download from the position it was broken, it can also download several files simultaneously!
  • ReGet is extremely easy to use, as ReGet can integrate itself with browsers or work as a stand-alone product.
  • ReGet may be fully customized by advanced users being really easy to use in "Default mode" by novices.
  • ReGet supports a broad range of Proxy-servers so you may use it in a corporate LAN. In most cases it will increase the speed of your downloads!
  • If you are not much into all the mess with proxy-settings, ReGet can automatically detect and use your browser settings!
  • ReGet can dial to your Internet Service Provider at scheduled time, download files and hang up.
  • ReGet provides extensive logging of every download attempt, wherever it was successful or failed.
  • Innovative Simple/Advanced modes introduced to the market of Download Managers.
  • You can download as many links from one page as you want in a just few clicks with "Download All by ReGet" option.

ReGet FREE Features:

All of the above. The only difference between ReGet Pro and ReGet FREE is that ReGet Pro does not work without registration code and ReGet FREE shows the banners.